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The  Emo Clothing range at 3rd and 56th Street is a complete collection of drainpipe jeans, emo skinny fit t shirts, scene dresses and all over printed hoodies If your streetwear style is emo fashion, more new rave, screamo or are you a scene kid or straight edge we aim to bring you the very best in scene fashion on the web. We have an extensive assortment of low rider emo skinny fit and drainpipe jeans which come in a variety of bright colours including lime and hot pink (store favourites) not to mention animal print , striped or patterned and the fit is absolutely fantastic too - they start tight and they stay tight!!   Emo clothing t shirts from brands such as Bleeding Star, Iron Fist and Paint the Stars look great with our skinny fit jeans. We don't just stock the well known brands - be a little different and take a look at some of the up and coming labels that we stock too.

If you wear emo clothing or consider yourself an fashion..ista then you obviously will not shy away from colour whether its on your belt or on some other accessory, such as leg warmers  or in your hair or on the clothing that you wear.  Take a look at our emo clothing collection......we update the site weekly with all the newest styles.

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