Hipster Clothing

Okay so there are plenty of Hipster haters out there with numerous vicious Blogs and some fairly amusing You tube videos satirising and parodying the Hipster, the hipster fashion scene and the ironic Hipster.  It only seems like a week ago that the very same verbal-bashers were targeting the emo, scene and nu-rave genres of fashion.  The Hipster fashion scene is much maligned but growing in strength daily.  No-one admits to being a Hipster if you ask if they are a Hipster but now its becoming hip to be square.  Although a lot of the Hipster fashion is all about retro, vintage style you can mix up second hand with new pieces from independent labels like Jist and Fly and Run  Hipsters are the definition of 'calculated cool' and we Rock this trend  - see how to get the latest Hipster style care of 3rd and 56th Street in 2012.

Hipster Fashion

Hipster fashion like every other clothing style is constantly evolving but there are some key essentials in every hipster wardrobe.
hipster fashion

Hipster take on the Chino

It has been said that Hipsters refer to chinos when everyone else knows them as khakis. But Khakis are not the same.  Chinos are more slim fitting and lower in the rise.  Great for casual look for summer, preppy but depending on what you pair them with they can also be edgy and more urban. Available in a multitude of colours - check out our version of the Hipster chino pants

hipster chino pants

Hipster Skinny Jeans

hipster jeans trendshipster jeans

Skinny jeans have been the staple of many a generation and hipsters are no exception.  Skinnier the jean the better. Hipster style has morphed from Geek Chic.  Guys and girls equally flaunt their unique, non-conformist style by wearing not just the staple black hipster skinny jeans (which is in every wardrobe) but also brightly coloured or printed jeans.

3rd and 56th Street has long been known for their range of spray on ultra tight skinny jeans - we have added bubblegum brights and some more muted tones, as well as printed jeans in an array of graphic designs, animal prints and acid washes in 2012.


Patterned Jumpers and Cardigans

Another staple of this Hipster clothing look is sporting jumpers or cardigans that look as though they originally belonged in your grandparents' wardrobe.  This is where we steal the show.  The Fly and Run range is full of quirky retro and vintage-inspired patterned sweaters and cardigans and chunky cable knits.

hipster-jumpers and cardigansformen
Boys hipster jumpers and cardigans
girls hipster clllection of Knitwear
2012 Collection of girls hipster knitwear

Hipster T  Shirts

hipster t shirt 1

Hipster  T-shirt Collection

This summer we are introducing a cool collection of  Hipster t shirts in grungy colours, featuring offbeat retro style pints giving them that all important vintage inspired feel.

For the very latest in Hipster clothing check out our Whats New Section of our store.