Decora Fashion Style

Decora is a Japanese word shortened from the English word “Decoration” and that is exactly what Decora is all about decoration! Wearing as many accessories, toys and plushies as possible. Decora fashion has to be one of the most OTT styles around - and I personally LOVE  it!!  It is all about being fun, cookie and a 'lot' out there in your fashion tastes.

Most decora girls wear one colour exclusively from head to toe - usually it is pink - yeh!!.  and as I say about wearing heaps of plastic jewellery and toys from Hello Kitty, Pokemon etc, hair accessories upon hair accessories - basically as many that will fit on your head and lots of layers. 

So to be decora means to clothe yourself in the brightest possible clothes in your wardrobe - and layer it all - skirts, leggings, stockings, knee high socks,track tops, camis, lag-wamers, petticoats. everything just layer.  Make up is not so important in this style it is more about the hair accessories - as many and as childish as possible . Other accessories are also really, really important too. Bags, bows, laces, frills, gloves, sweatbands and arm warmers  Hello Kitty, Disney, whatever cute things. Plastic bracelets and necklaces in wonderful colors and patterns. It is almost work-out while wearing them all.

And don’t forget your small teddy bears, they are very popular in decora. Fasten them to your clothes, bags, everywhere.