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Emo, or emotional hardcore and the history behind the emo look.

Emo and scene make up tips and techniques

Emo and Scene Hair

This emo and scene hairstyle section is basically looking at the emo scene trends that are out there at the moment and giving some of you an idea of how to create them or to give you inspiration and confidence on getting out there and trying them out for yourself.

Now before we start I don’t really want to get into the whole thing about the difference between emo and scene ‘gawd its’ been done to death. But basically emo hairstyles tend to be more sombre in that they are usually dyed black or at a push blonde with red or blue highlights. It could be argued that this hairstyle trend harks back to the rock and punk music scene of the 80’s and all that hairspray!  Just take a look at David Bowie - eek!!

80s punk and rock hairstyles influence emo scene style

emo scene hairstyle model Audrey KitchingScene hairstyles on the other hand are all about being bold and in ya face with masses of colour – highlights or even full head colour and masses of volume (think Audrey Kitching as the definitive scene model) - Scene girls just love to steal the show!! One thing that can be said about both genres is that it is all about being as inventive and creative with your hair as emo and scene kids are with their clothes. There are no right or wrongs here – emo scene hairstyles are a reflection of emo and scenesters attitude to life.

Most emo scene hairstyles are generally straight with choppy, uneven layers, emo shags and spikes. The cut is all important -generally speaking hair needs to be at least to chin length or longer and using a razor can help achieve that uneven textured look to your emo scene hairstyle One sided bangs with one eye covered is a huge trend. To achieve this part your hair approx 1 1/4” to one side of the centre of the head and comb hair to opposite side of the parting. The scene mullet hairstyle is slightly longer hair with loads of layers and choppiness especially around the ear level (or either just below or above) and this hairstyle is considered extremely ‘scene’. Highlights/stripes or patches of colour on a base of black or blonde hair is also very - black hair with pink highlights is really big right now.

For some great emo hairstyles for black hair see this great emo hairstyle collection

For scene girls’ hairstyle it’s an attitude – its high maintenance and hair should be larger than life (in both volume and height). Serious back-combing and teasing are a must, particularly around the scalp. Most scene girls have their hair layered shorter at the top with longer bangs. Hair extensions are frequently used to add extra length in black or blonde colours or clip in hair extensions in a variety of bright colours add the wow factor as scene hairstyle is a colourful thing. Scene hairstyles use bright colours, such as pink, red, green and the bigger the contrast the better – they may highlight or even colour the entire head of hair in a bright colour for maximum impact. One thing’s for sure don’t be afraid to experiment with colour. Remember ranges like Stargazer and Directions hair dyes are semi permanent dyes which can be mixed together to create great unique colours and can be toned.

emo scene hair which is wavyMost emo/scene hairstyles are straight so what happens if like most of us you have either slightly wavy or even curly hair and you don’t want to use straightens every day of your life!! Well help is at hand for an alternative to the straightening irons. When you get your hair cut it is always a good idea to ask your hairdresser for side tapering bangs as they will naturally lie better. Or go for a scene mullet but make sure that you do not get the top part cut too short and the shorter part just below the ears.

First wash your hair and part it like normal to the side. Using either some form of styling product and while wet scrunch your head pushing it up while blow drying. Scene hair is all about height and volume remember – so you do actually have a natural advantage when you have wavy or curly hair in this respect. (A good tip to get really big hair is to rotate a flat palm to your scalp and then scrunch)
Your hair may have a tendency to ‘frizz’ – naturally wavy or curly hair is more prone to frizzing – if this is the case then use a diffuser.

Once your hair is dry using a hair clip or bow is a great way to keep your bangs from flying away or seeming less than scene. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour -Add a colour or two to create definition and interest or add some hair extensions to create a look that is unique to you which is essentially what your hair style is all about. Consider giving your hair a complete rest every once in a while - wear it up in pony tails – you can still look scene if you wear the right hair accessories.
But if you do want to straighten your hair a good idea for thick, frizzy or hair that ‘poofs’ is to start straightening your hair from the back/underneath first. Flip your hair over and straighten the back first then flip it back the right way and continue straightening – this should help in giving your hair the appearance of being ‘thinnen’ or ‘finer’

scene coontails hair extensionsCoontails is another scene hair trend which is hitting all the headlines and following on from scene model Kiki Kannibal. Scene hair Coontails refer to striped or animal printed hair bangs or extensions. These can be purchased in a clip in form ready printed however they are quite expensive and it can be fun to create your own.

To create a leopard print hair extension or coontail choose the colour scheme first. It seems to work best on a lighter base with a darker print. Once the base colour has been dyed, squeeze the darker dye into a tub then simply get a piece of celery and a cotton bud. The cotton bud is used to make the smaller prints and if you cut the celery to get a number of different sized pieces then just dip into the dye and use like a potato stamp. Remember if you are dying your hair on your head to keep the hair very straight when applying the stamp. Don’t overload the celery stick with too much colour as it may bleed. Using a couple of darker colours can also add dramatic impact too.
Tip: If you are dying your own hair using this technique and its curly try straightening it first!

Here is a great tutorial for creating striped emo scene hair in your own hair 

Striped hair extensions can also be achieved using wash-out products so that you can change your scene hairstyle regularly without damaging it too much here is a tutorial that shows exactly how to achieve the look

And not to forget emo boys hairstyles here is a slide of a collection of emo and scene boys hairstyles.


But for more emo and scene hairstyling tips go to youtube and there are literally hundreds of 'how to' videos on back combing, teasing and generally how to create your own unique scene or emo hairstyle.