Look Book

3rd and 56th Street is all about Emo, indie, hipster. retro and scene style clothing and fashion so here's the deal - how do you put the look together?

Styling your hair and make up to look as flawless and as effortless as possible can be tricky but we have got some great tips for all you emo scene girls and boys. 

We have searched the internet for the very best collection of indie and hipster models and emo and scene boys and girls to create these pages but we know that there are more of you out there.  We would love to see your look and maybe add your photo to our gallery (particularly if you are shot wearing something bought from 3rd and 56th Street LOL) so drop us an email.

Remember we are always on the look out for models to model our range of emo , indie and hipster clothing - we like to shoot real girls wearing our clothing! You never know you may be the next Audrey Kitching, Jac Vanak , Dita Von Teese or Moi-même-Moitié.

Which fashion style are you?

indie guy HIPSTER RETRO GIRL retro hipster guy hipster girl hipster boy
    Hipster and Retro Fashion    

or is your fashion scene more like this?

 emo scene makeup  emo scenehairstyles  emo make up
emo and scene fashion style