Unscene Magazine

Unscene Magazine, Gothic, Goth, emo, metal, hardcore, sxe Hardcore, new wave, electro, electronic
Unscene is a new a magazine that covers all aspects of Dark Alternative music and culture, from music and art to fashion and the supernatural.

In Issue One
Containing interviews with, Faith and The Muse, Devilish Presley, O.V.N.I, All Living Fear, Swarf, The Beautiful Deadly Children and Killing Miranda. There is also art from Rachael Huntington as well as a chat with the Paranormal Research Society Avalon Skies. All this as well as the usual live and CD reviews Paranormal stuff from Otherworld North East. Fashion from DemonicArts and art from Curtis Jobling. The issue will also contain the usual CD and live reviews as well as other articles of Goth/Dark Alternative interest.